5 Secrets about Denim Care Everyone Should Know!

A good pair of jeans is — or at least, should be — a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. From boot cuts and boyfriends to skinnies and straight legs, there are a ton of styles on store shelves to suit every shape and size. That said, when you buy a good pair, you basically want it to last forever.

Buying denim that’s made to last, and caring for it properly, can keep it in top shape. So Retspec asked a lot of fabric experts for tips to make denim look new forever!

Washing Them Too Often Will Make The Color Fade Faster

The good news for anyone who hates doing laundry (or is a college student) is that jeans don’t need to be washed often. In fact, they shouldn’t be washed often. This keeps the color from fading and will add that certain je ne sais quoi to your favorite pair. “This might scare clean freaks, but natural elements like ozone in the air, a little dirt, and body oil all add beauty and character to jeans.

And When You Do Wash Them, it’s Best to Do So On Cold

Okay, if the thought of dirty laundry makes you cringe (your butt did touch that grimy subway seat, after all), then go ahead and toss your jeans in the wash. Just make sure they’re turned inside out and the water is as cold as possible, which will keep them from fading.

Tip- For thr first 2 washes, add in two spoonfuls of salt to help set the dye.

Or Even Better, Wash Them By Hand

If you’re going to wash your jeans and you’ve got some time to spare, the most effective method is to use your own hands. Start this by filling a bucket with cold water and add just a few drops of very mild detergent. Really, just half a teaspoon will suffice! Then turn your jeans inside out, immerse them in the water, and let it settle for a while. No scrubbing necessary unless they are stained pretty badly. Come back in an hour and rinse off the jeans with cold water. Hang dry, and they will be good as new.



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